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Kilowatts to Horsepower Converter (kW to hp)

Example: 1 kilowatt = 1.34102209 horsepower
Kilowatts: kW
horsepower: hp

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The online kw to hp converter is used to convert the power from kw to hp .

The Kilowatts to horsepower Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert kw to hp :

X(hp) = y(kW) / 0.745699872

Example: How to convert 10 Kilowatts to horsepower:

X(hp) = 10(kW) / 0.745699872

Answer: 13.41 hp

Kilowatts to horsepower conversion table

Kilowatts (kW) Horsepower (hp)
1 kW1.341022 hp
2 kW2.682044 hp
3 kW4.023066 hp
4 kW5.364088 hp
5 kW6.70511 hp
6 kW8.046133 hp
7 kW9.387155 hp
8 kW10.728177 hp
9 kW12.069199 hp
10 kW13.410221 hp
20 kW26.820442 hp
30 kW40.230663 hp
40 kW53.640884 hp
50 kW67.051104 hp
60 kW80.461325 hp
70 kW93.871546 hp
80 kW107.281767 hp
90 kW120.691988 hp
100 kW134.102209 hp
500 kW670.511044 hp
1000 kW1341.022089 hp

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