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Cat Years Calculator

Example: 2-year-old cat = 24 human years
Age of Cat:
Human Years:

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The online cat years calculator is used to calculate the cat years to human years instantly.

How to convert cat years to human years

You can use the following formula to convert seconds to days :

First, allow 15 human years for the first year of your cat's life

Then, add 9 years for the second year

Next, add 4 human years for each successive year of your cat's life.

Example: How to convert 3-year-old cat to human years?

X(human years) = 15(first year) + 9(second year) + 4(successive years)

Anwser: 3-year-old cat will be approximately 28 human years.

cat age conversion table

Age of cat (years) Age in human years
1 15
2 24
3 28
4 32
5 36
6 40
7 44
8 48
9 52
10 56

To calculate the cat age in human years, please use our cat years calculator for free.


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