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Percentage Error Calculator

Example: What is the percentage error between:
200 (approximate value) and 180 (actual value) ?
Anwser: (200 - 180) ÷ 180 × 100 = 11.11%
What is the percentage error between:
Approximate Value:
Actual Value: ?
Answer: %

The Percentage Error Calculator tool enables you to calculate the percentage error percentage error between an approximate value (or experimental measured value) and a theoretical actual value.

The Percent Error Formula

You can use the percent error equation to find the percentage error of two value:

Percentage Error
Approximate Value - Actual Value / Actual Value
× 100

Example: We project 100 people will attend the seminar. However, only 80 people has attended the seminar. What is the percentage error ?

Percentage Error
100 - 80 / 80
× 100

Anwser: 25%

To know how to calculate percent error between two numbers? Please use our percentage error calculator.


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