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Bar to Atmosphere converter (bar to atm)

Example: 80 bar = 78.953861337281 atmosphere
Bar: bar
Atmosphere: atm

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The online Bar to Atmosphere converter is used to convert the pressure value from Bar to Atmosphere.

The Bar to Atmosphere Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from Bar to Atmosphere:

X(atmosphere) = y(bar) / 1.01325

Example: How to convert 32 bar to atmosphere?

X(atmosphere) = 32(bar) / 1.01325

Answer: 31.581544534912 atmosphere

Bar to Atmosphere conversion table

Bar (bar) Atmosphere (atm)
1 bar0.98692326671601 atmosphere
2 bar1.973846533432 atmosphere
3 bar2.960769800148 atmosphere
4 bar3.9476930668641 atmosphere
5 bar4.9346163335801 atmosphere
6 bar5.9215396002961 atmosphere
7 bar6.9084628670121 atmosphere
8 bar7.8953861337281 atmosphere
9 bar8.8823094004441 atmosphere
10 bar9.8692326671601 atmosphere
20 bar19.73846533432 atmosphere
30 bar29.60769800148 atmosphere
40 bar39.476930668641 atmosphere
50 bar49.346163335801 atmosphere
60 bar59.215396002961 atmosphere
70 bar69.084628670121 atmosphere
80 bar78.953861337281 atmosphere
90 bar88.823094004441 atmosphere
100 bar98.692326671601 atmosphere
250 bar246.730816679 atmosphere
500 bar493.46163335801 atmosphere
1000 bar986.92326671601 atmosphere
2500 bar2467.30816679 atmosphere
5000 bar4934.6163335801 atmosphere
10000 bar9869.2326671601 atmosphere
25000 bar24673.0816679 atmosphere
50000 bar49346.163335801 atmosphere
100000 bar98692.326671601 atmosphere
Full Bar to Atmosphere conversion table

To know how to convert Bar to Atmosphere, please use our Bar to Atmosphere Converter for free.


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