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Pascal to Torr converter (Pa to Torr)

Example: 200 pascal = 1.5001233656452 torr
Pascal: Pa
Torr: Torr

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The online Pascal to Torr converter is used to convert the pressure value from Pascal to Torr.

The Pascal to Torr Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from Pascal to Torr:

X(torr) = y(pascal) / 133.3223684

Example: How to convert 800 pascal to torr?

X(torr) = 800(pascal) / 133.3223684

Answer: 6.0004934625809 torr

Pascal to Torr conversion table

Pascal (Pa) Torr (Torr)
1 pascal0.0075006168282261 torr
2 pascal0.015001233656452 torr
3 pascal0.022501850484678 torr
4 pascal0.030002467312904 torr
5 pascal0.037503084141131 torr
6 pascal0.045003700969357 torr
7 pascal0.052504317797583 torr
8 pascal0.060004934625809 torr
9 pascal0.067505551454035 torr
10 pascal0.075006168282261 torr
20 pascal0.15001233656452 torr
30 pascal0.22501850484678 torr
40 pascal0.30002467312904 torr
50 pascal0.37503084141131 torr
60 pascal0.45003700969357 torr
70 pascal0.52504317797583 torr
80 pascal0.60004934625809 torr
90 pascal0.67505551454035 torr
100 pascal0.75006168282261 torr
250 pascal1.8751542070565 torr
500 pascal3.7503084141131 torr
1000 pascal7.5006168282261 torr
2500 pascal18.751542070565 torr
5000 pascal37.503084141131 torr
10000 pascal75.006168282261 torr
25000 pascal187.51542070565 torr
50000 pascal375.03084141131 torr
100000 pascal750.06168282261 torr
Full Pascal to Torr conversion table

To know how to convert Pascal to Torr, please use our Pascal to Torr Converter for free.


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