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BTU to Kilojoules Converter (btu to kJ)

Example: 1 btu = 1.05505585 kilojoules
BTU: btu
Kilojoules: kJ

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The online btu to KiloJoules Converter is used to convert the energy from btu to KiloJoules.

The BTU to Kilojoules Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from btu to KiloJoules :

X(kJ) = y(BTU) × 1.05505585262

Example: How to convert 1 btu to kilojoules?

X(kJ) = 1(BTU) × 1.05505585262

Answer: 1.05505585262 kJ

BTU to Kilojoules conversion table

BTU (btu) Kilojoules (kJ)
1 btu1.055056 kJ
2 btu2.110112 kJ
3 btu3.165168 kJ
4 btu4.220223 kJ
5 btu5.275279 kJ
6 btu6.330335 kJ
7 btu7.385391 kJ
8 btu8.440447 kJ
9 btu9.495503 kJ
10 btu10.550559 kJ
20 btu21.101117 kJ
30 btu31.651676 kJ
40 btu42.202234 kJ
50 btu52.752793 kJ
60 btu63.303351 kJ
70 btu73.85391 kJ
80 btu84.404468 kJ
90 btu94.955027 kJ
100 btu105.505585 kJ
500 btu527.527926 kJ
1000 btu1055.055853 kJ

To know how to convert BTU to Kilojoules, please use our BTU to Kilojoules Converter for free.


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