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Kilojoules to BTU Converter (kJ to btu)

Example: 1 kilojoule = 0.94781712 btu
Kilojoules: kJ
BTU: btu

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The online KiloJoules to btu Converter is used to convert the energy from KiloJoules to btu.

The kJ to BTU Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from Kilojoules to BTU :

X(BTU) = y(kJ) / 1.05505585262

Example: How to convert 10 kilojoules to BTU ?

X(BTU) = 10(kJ) / 1.05505585262

Answer: 0.27778 BTU

Kilojoules to BTU conversion table

Kilojoules (kJ) BTU (btu)
1 kJ0.947817 btu
2 kJ1.895634 btu
3 kJ2.843451 btu
4 kJ3.791268 btu
5 kJ4.739086 btu
6 kJ5.686903 btu
7 kJ6.63472 btu
8 kJ7.582537 btu
9 kJ8.530354 btu
10 kJ9.478171 btu
20 kJ18.956342 btu
30 kJ28.434514 btu
40 kJ37.912685 btu
50 kJ47.390856 btu
60 kJ56.869027 btu
70 kJ66.347198 btu
80 kJ75.82537 btu
90 kJ85.303541 btu
100 kJ94.781712 btu
500 kJ473.90856 btu
1000 kJ947.81712 btu

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