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Joules to BTU Converter (J to btu)

Example: 1 joules = 0.00094781712 BTU
Joules: J
BTU: btu

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The online Joules to btu Converter is used to convert the energy from Joules to btu.

The Joules to BTU Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from j to btu :

X(BTU) = y(J) / 1055.05585262

Example: How to convert 1000 joules to BTU ?

X(BTU) = 1000(J) / 1055.05585262

Answer: 0.947817 BTU

Joules to BTU conversion table

Joules (J) BTU (btu)
1 J0.000948 btu
2 J0.001896 btu
3 J0.001896 btu
4 J0.003791 btu
5 J0.004739 btu
6 J0.005687 btu
7 J0.006635 btu
8 J0.007583 btu
9 J0.00853 btu
10 J0.009478 btu
20 J0.018956 btu
30 J0.028435 btu
40 J0.037913 btu
50 J0.047391 btu
60 J0.056869 btu
70 J0.066347 btu
80 J0.075825 btu
90 J0.085304 btu
100 J0.094782 btu
500 J0.473909 btu
1000 J0.947817 btu

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