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BHP to Kilowatts Converter (BHP to kW)

Example: 1 bhp = 0.745699872 kW
BHP: hp
kilowatts: kW

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The online bhp to kW converter is used to convert the power from bhp to kW.

The BHP to kilowatts Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from BHP to kilowatts :

X(kW) = y(hp) × 0.745699872

Example: How to convert 10 bhp to kw:

X(kW) = 10(bhp) × 0.745699872

Answer: 7.45699872 kW

BHP to kilowatts conversion table

BHP (bhp) kilowatts (kW)
1 bhp0.7457 kW
2 bhp1.4914 kW
3 bhp2.2371 kW
4 bhp2.982799 kW
5 bhp3.728499 kW
6 bhp4.474199 kW
7 bhp5.219899 kW
8 bhp5.965599 kW
9 bhp6.711299 kW
10 bhp7.456999 kW
20 bhp14.913997 kW
30 bhp22.370996 kW
40 bhp29.827995 kW
50 bhp37.284994 kW
60 bhp44.741992 kW
70 bhp52.198991 kW
80 bhp59.65599 kW
90 bhp67.112988 kW
100 bhp74.569987 kW
500 bhp372.849936 kW
1000 bhp745.699872 kW

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