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Refrigeration Tons to Kilowatts Converter (RT to kW)

Example: 1 RT = 3.5168525 kW
Refrigeration tons: RT
kilowatts: kW

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The online refrigeration tons to kw converter is used to convert the power from refrigeration tons to kw .

The Refrigeration tons to kilowatts Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from Refrigeration tons to kilowatts :

X(kW) = y(RT) × 3.5168525

Example: How to convert 1 refrigeration tons to kilowatts?

X(kW) = 1(RT) × 3.5168525

Answer: 3.5168525 kW

Refrigeration tons to kilowatts conversion table

Refrigeration tons (RT) Kilowatts (kW)
1 RT3.516853 kW
2 RT7.033705 kW
3 RT10.550558 kW
4 RT14.06741 kW
5 RT17.584263 kW
6 RT21.101115 kW
7 RT24.617968 kW
8 RT28.13482 kW
9 RT31.651673 kW
10 RT35.168525 kW
20 RT70.33705 kW
30 RT105.505575 kW
40 RT140.6741 kW
50 RT175.842625 kW
60 RT211.01115 kW
70 RT246.179675 kW
80 RT281.3482 kW
90 RT316.516725 kW
100 RT351.68525 kW
500 RT1758.42625 kW
1000 RT3516.8525 kW

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