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BTU/hr to Watts Converter (BTU/hr to W)

Example: 1 btu / hr = 0.29307107 watt
BTU/hr: btu/hr
watts: W

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The online btu per hour to watts converter is used to convert the power from btu per hour to watts.

The BTU/hr to watts Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from BTU/hr to watts :

X(W) = y(btu/hr) / 3.412141633

Example: How to convert 10 btu/hr to watt:

X(W) = 10(btu/hr) / 3.412141633

Answer: 2.93 W

BTU/hr to watts conversion table

BTU/hr (BTU/hr) Watts (W)
1 BTU/hr0.293071 W
2 BTU/hr0.586142 W
3 BTU/hr0.879213 W
4 BTU/hr1.172284 W
5 BTU/hr1.465355 W
6 BTU/hr1.758426 W
7 BTU/hr2.051497 W
8 BTU/hr2.344569 W
9 BTU/hr2.63764 W
10 BTU/hr2.930711 W
20 BTU/hr5.861421 W
30 BTU/hr8.792132 W
40 BTU/hr11.722843 W
50 BTU/hr14.653554 W
60 BTU/hr17.584264 W
70 BTU/hr20.514975 W
80 BTU/hr23.445686 W
90 BTU/hr26.376396 W
100 BTU/hr29.307107 W
500 BTU/hr146.535535 W
1000 BTU/hr293.07107 W

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