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Watts to BTU/hr Converter (W to BTU/hr)

Example: 1 watts = 3.41214163 BTU/hr
Watts: W
BTU/hr: btu/hr

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The online watts to btu per hour converter is used to convert the power from watts to btu per hour .

The Watts to BTU/hr Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from Watts to BTU/hr :

X(btu/hr) = y(W) × 3.412141633

Example: How to convert 1 watt to btu/hr?

X(btu/hr) = 1(W) × 3.412141633

Answer: 3.412 btu/hr

Watts to BTU/hr conversion table

Watts (W) BTU/hr (BTU/hr)
1 W3.412142 BTU/hr
2 W6.824283 BTU/hr
3 W10.236425 BTU/hr
4 W13.648567 BTU/hr
5 W17.060708 BTU/hr
6 W20.47285 BTU/hr
7 W23.884991 BTU/hr
8 W27.297133 BTU/hr
9 W30.709275 BTU/hr
10 W34.121416 BTU/hr
20 W68.242833 BTU/hr
30 W102.364249 BTU/hr
40 W136.485665 BTU/hr
50 W170.607082 BTU/hr
60 W204.728498 BTU/hr
70 W238.849914 BTU/hr
80 W272.971331 BTU/hr
90 W307.092747 BTU/hr
100 W341.214163 BTU/hr
500 W1706.070817 BTU/hr
1000 W3412.141633 BTU/hr

To know how to convert watts to BTU/hr, please use our watts to BTU/hr Converter for free.


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