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Kilowatts to Refrigeration Tons Converter (kW to RT)

Example: 1 kW = 0.28434517 RT
Kilowatts: kW
refrigeration tons: RT

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The online kw to refrigeration tons converter is used to convert the power from kw to refrigeration tons.

The Kilowatts to refrigeration tons Conversion Formula

You can use the following formula to convert from Kilowatts to refrigeration tons :

X(RT) = y(kW) / 3.5168525

Example: How to convert 100 Kilowatt to refrigeration ton?

X(RT) = 100(kW) / 3.5168525

Answer: 28.4345 RT

Kilowatts to refrigeration tons conversion table

Kilowatts (kW) refrigeration tons (RT)
1 kW0.284345 RT
2 kW0.56869 RT
3 kW0.853035 RT
4 kW1.137381 RT
5 kW1.421726 RT
6 kW1.706071 RT
7 kW1.990416 RT
8 kW2.274761 RT
9 kW2.559106 RT
10 kW2.843452 RT
20 kW5.686903 RT
30 kW8.530355 RT
40 kW11.373807 RT
50 kW14.217258 RT
60 kW17.06071 RT
70 kW19.904161 RT
80 kW22.747613 RT
90 kW25.591065 RT
100 kW28.434516 RT
500 kW142.172582 RT
1000 kW284.345164 RT

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